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SBSA Structural Consultants specializes in the analysis & design of structures. Our experienced team of structural specialists are eager for the opportunity to contribute to the success of your construction project. Our combination of senior team leaders and bright young technologically savvy engineers and technicians are focused on delivering cost-efficient, innovative and well-coordinated designs that eliminate unknowns, surprises and delays. From homes to high-rises, we design all types of building structures, and offer services for all stages of the project life-cycle. Our focus is to make studied design decisions based on cost effectiveness, performance, and constructability, and to deliver clear, complete project documentation to help our clients complete projects on schedule and within budget.


Place Victoria – Gingerbread Version - A New Montreal Landmark is Born

In 1964 SBSA’s history began with the structural design of Place Victoria. At 47 stories and 624 feet high, the Place Victoria was the tallest office building in Canada at the time, the biggest office complex in the British Commonwealth and the highest reinforced concrete building in the world. It redefined what was possible in concrete construction.

In 2018, SBSA’s evolution continues with the design and construction of an equally challenging and revolutionary project – the 1:175 scale model of Place Victoria in gingerbread construction. At 1.1m high, constructed of 67lbs of gingerbread and 12lbs of icing sugar, using 22 individual panels baked over a period of 3 days in a toaster oven and cut into shape using the latest power tool technology, the gingerbread Place Victoria sets a new standard for the construction of Ginger skyscrapers.

Inspired by the recently completed eStruxtures data center installations, the ginger bread model incorporates scale roof top units that provide massive ventilation capacity, and uninterrupted power to the gingerbread model.

Other scale touches include a GIANT ginger snowman, realistic landscaping, the 4 architecturally controversial corner columns, and the rarely spotted Santa Claus looking for a chimney on the roof of a skyscraper. SBSA much enjoyed this team challenge for a good cause, the Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, an important teaching and trauma hospital in our community. Please consider making a donation, more information can be found by clicking on the following link